COFICERT is the first specialized and dedicated body to the certification of the financial and
NON-financial standards operating in over 40 countries


COFICERT is a French certification body, specialized in financial and non-financial certifications, operating in close to 40 countries covering 3 continents. Historically, COFICERT operates with and alongside international certification and standardization bodies. The organization gathers experienced experts in governance, financial crime and sustainable finance. COFICERT certifies on the following topics: Financial Governance (MSI 20000), Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG1000), Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML 30000) and Fight against corruption (ISO 37001).


COFICERT advocates the entire financial system and the non-financial responsible engagement throughout a better transparency and effectiveness promoted within a company. These deployed disciplines at the heart of the economical entities and placed in the center of societal interests, are a major part of the companies’ governance during their lifecycle.

The organization strives towards a proactive and virtuous dynamic, within the implementation of the best practices in terms of governance, for those companies in search of improvement and enhancement of their financial and non-financial governance systems.

By integrating a strong digital component in its certifications models, including the issuance of traceable digital certificates of conformity, through fintech and Blockchain solutions, COFICERT embodies a new generation of the Certification Bodies.


COFICERT is mainly composed by professionals coming from the fields of finance and law, strongly represented within the organization by legal auditors, corporate and market finance experts, and law experts. The president of COFICERT, Mr. Laurent Hugelin, Attorney at Law registered in Bar of Paris, presides COFICERT since its creation.


« Over the last years, the economical players are more and more interdependent and the economy works increasingly systemically striking aspects. The companies’ responsibilities have largely evolved and given the complexity of the subjects, a better reading and an appreciation of the economical player’s involvement under the basis of common standardization, became a necessity.

Either if its voluntary, oriented or mandatory, the request and the use of the financial certifications is increasing all around the world.

COFICERT – NGO governed under the French law, politically neutral organization and totally independent of any specific particular interest, is the first certification body specialized and dedicated to the financial certifications of the economical entities and financial institutions. Therefore the certification body aims to promote financial related standards. In that respect the organization makes sure and contributes, through a sustainable and continuous improvement of the good governance practices – better transparency, resilience and integrity – of the economic and financial players. »

Mr. Laurent Hugelin
President of COFICERT