International Organization for Standardization – index 37001 (Anti-bribery)

1997 ; 2008 ; 2014

Management systems

SA 80000 is the international standard dedicated to the social accountability/responsibility of the employers.

The standard was established at the end of the 90s’ by Social Accountability International, formerly the Council on Economic Priorities, that takes charge of its development.

SA 8000 covers any kind of structure coming from all the sectors of activity.

  • Child Labor:
  • Forced and Compulsory Labor
  • Health and Safety
  • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • Working Hours
  • Remuneration
  • Audit (documentation review, procedures, information system, etc…)
  • Sampling (records)
  • Anonymous visits
  • Interviews
  • Aiming at a better governance and the use of the best practices in terms of social accountability of enterprises, within a continuous improvement approach.
  • Take advantage of the certificate of conformity in terms of social accountability, and promote it within its professional environment.
  • Operating guide and a guidance and decision-support tool
  • Trust index
  • Valuation of the social conformity
  • Validate procedures and give legitimate to the implemented mechanism
  • Support within the relation with third parties such as: observatories and authorities (supervisory and regulation)
  • Support within the customer relations (especially with the big accounts)
  • Support within the relations with the suppliers
  • Support within the relations with the investors and creditors
  • Competitive advantage
  • External growth
  • Tenders (public or private)
  • Partnerships
  • Etc…

The standard ISO 37001 is regulated by the SAI (Social Accountability International) Organization, chaired by Mister Tom Deluca

SAI gathers a broad range of international experts in terms of social rights and legislation.