Market Standard Indicator – Index 20000 (Fianancial Quality)

2008 ; 2013 ; 2018

Management systems

MSI20000 is the international standard dedicated to the financial quality of companies and institutions.

MSI 20000 emerged in the aftermath of the subprime crisis, the standard has been tested during 100 months within a strictly supervised perimeter, before being officially adopted in 2017 by the international organizations and the world leaders of the certification industry.

The specifications of the standard MSI 20000 cover 44 sectors of activity, corresponding to 97% of the world economies.

2 areas of evaluation: Solidity and Financial Performance covering.

10 themes: Asset Management, Liquidity Management, Liabilities Management, Human Resources Management, Risk Management, Operational Profitability, Commercial Profitability, Economic Profitability, Financial Profitability, Operating Profitability.

Financial evaluation outside the beneficiary offices, based on its financial statements validated by a legal auditor and without the contribution of its financial resources.

Aiming at a better governance and the use of the best practices in terms of financial management, within a continuous improvement approach.

Take advantage of the certificate of conformity in terms of quality of the financial governance fight within its professional environment.

  • Operating guide and a guidance and decision-support tool
  • Indicator and guarantee of financial quality
  • Initial Public Offer for Stock Issuers
  • Valuation of stocks and of the financial governance
  • Financial attractiveness
  • Debt Financing
  • Support within the relation with the creditors
  • Capital Raising
  • Support within the customer relations (especially with the big accounts)
  • Competitive advantage
  • External growth
  • Tenders (public or private)
  • Partnerships
  • Etc…

The standard MSI 20000 has been established and is regulated by the MSI Observatory, chaired by Dr. Rama Cont.

The MSI Observatory gathers a broad range of competences and is composed by top leading international experts in terms of financial engineering, financial analysis and market finance.