International Organization for Standardization – index 37001 (Anti-bribery)


Management systems

ISO 370001 is the international standard dedicated to the anti-bribery fight.

The standard was established in 2015 and adopted in 2016, on the basis of a collaborative work, led jointly with the contribution of 20 countries, signatories of the ISO chart.

2 areas: The mechanism and its effectiveness

  • Audit (documentation review, procedures, information system, etc…)
  • Sampling (records)
  • Anonymous visits
  • Interviews
  • A better comprehension of the environment, for a better appreciation of the bribery risks, in a way of deploying efficient procedures within the respect of the applicable regulations and within a continuous improvement approach
  • Take advantage of the certificate of conformity in terms of anti-bribery fight, and promote it within its professional environment.
  • Operating guide and a guidance and decision-support tool
  • Trust index
  • Valuation of the anti-bribery compliancy
  • Validate procedures and give legitimate to the implemented mechanism
  • Support within the relation with third parties such as: observatories and authorities (supervisory and regulation)
  • Support within the customer relations (especially with the big accounts)
  • Support within the relations with the suppliers
  • Support within the relations with the investors and creditors
  • Competitive advantage
  • External growth
  • Tenders (public or private)
  • Partnerships
  • Etc…

The standard ISO 37001 is regulated by the ISO Organization, chaired by Mister John Walter

ISO is composed by 165 member countries, represented by their national normalization bodies.