Management systems

ESG 1000 is the international standard dedicated to the corporate social responsibility management system of companies and organizations of any kind.

ESG 1000 was established and conceived in the aftermath of the covid outbrake, in 2020, and started to be distributed in 2022. In its initial version, the standard allows to take into consideration the internal and external CSR challenges for any kind of organization and their associated risks.

ESG 1000 covers any kind of company or organization coming from all the sectors of activity.

Governance of the organization
Responsible innovation vector for products and services
Sustainable business model and policies
Legal responsibility
Respect of the environment and of the biodiversity
Social: Human Capital of the company
Human Rights
Responsible external relations
Economic viability
Sponsorship, local development and communities
Awareness-raising and stakeholders involvement.

Anonymous visits (when necessary)

A better comprehension of the global CSR environment, for an enhanced appreciation of its risks, for an efficient procedures deployment within the respect of the applicable recommendations and within a continuous improvement approach;
Take advantage of the certificate of conformity in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and promote it within its professional environment.

Promote the compliance of extra-financial governance
Make a positive impact of general interest
Consolidate attractiveness and maintain its brand image
Mitigate overtime the CSR risks inherent with the activity
Strengthen relations with stakeholders from its direct ecosystem
Strengthen its ability to attract and retain its employees, customers, suppliers, stock holders, creditors, donors and investors
Facilitate equity operations, fundraising or IPO; through a strong argument for any kind of contractor
Benefit from a competitive advantage

Born from a general interest initiative and initially supported by civil society, the ESG 1000 standard is validated by a scientific committee of experts under the same name.
The ESG 1000 committee is made up of skills and international experts in: social, societal and environmental policies.