Anti-Money Laundering – Index 30000 (LBA/FT)


Management systems

AML 30000 is the international standard dedicated to the fight against money laundering and combating terrorism financing and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, commonly called AML/CFT.

The standard was conceived in 2016, established in 2017 and started to be distributed in 2018.

The specifications cover 14 sectors, the same as defined by the FATF-GAFI.

2 areas: The mechanism and its effectiveness

  • Audit (documentation review, procedures, information system, etc…)
  • Sampling (records)
  • Anonymous visits
  • Interviews
  • Aiming towards a better governance, including better implementation of mechanism in terms of AML/CFT, within a continuous improvement approach
  • Take advantage of the certificate of conformity in terms of AML-CFT fight, and promote it within its professional environment.
  • Operating guide and a guidance and decision-support tool
  • Trust index
  • Valuation of the AML/CFT compliancy
  • Validate procedures and give legitimate to the implemented mechanism
  • Support within the relation with third parties such as: foreign correspondents (including corresponding banking), observatories and authorities (supervisory and regulation)
  • Support within the customer relations (especially with the big accounts)
  • Support within the relations with the suppliers
  • Support within the relations with the investors and creditors
  • Competitive advantage
  • External growth
  • Tenders (public or private)
  • Partnerships
  • Etc…

The standard AML 30000 has been established and is regulated by the AML Observatory, chaired by Madame Isabelle Schoonwater.

The AML Observatory is composed by international experts in terms of AML/CFT